[See Rules 253 & 254 (e) (iii) 254 (80 255 (1) (iv)]
1) Name of the Police Station Dadar Coastal
2) CR No./TAR No./SDE No. 007/2021
3) Date, Time and place of the accident Case Reg. Date :- 2021-03-19
Accident Date and Time:- 2021-03-19 15:20:00
Accident Place:- AT. Mumbai-Goa Highway Road, Govirle Village Tal. Pen Dist. Raigad Maharashtra
4) Name of the injured/Deseased 1. Nilesh Ramdaas Tandel 2. Mandakini Ramjandra Mhatre
5) Name of the hospital to which he/she was removed None
6) Name of vehicle and type of the vehicle 1. Bike MH 06 AU 3136 2. Rickshaw MH 06 BV 2947
7) Name and address of the driver of the vehicle with particular or driving licence of the said driver and the address of the issuing authority of the said driving licence. The number of badge in case of public service vehicle and the address of the issuing authority of the said badge Driver Name:- 1. Vinod Subhash Mhatre 2. Nilesh Ramdaas Tandel
Driver's Address:- 1. AT. Jite Tal. Pen Dist. Raigad 2. Bhal Tal. Pen Dist. Raigad
Licence No:- None
Licence's Issuing Authority:- None
Badge No:- None
Badge's Issuing Authority:- None
8) Name and address of the owner of the vehicle as it stands on the date of accident Owner Name:- None
Owner's Address:- None
9) Name and address of the insurance company with whom the vehicle was insured and the divisional office of the said insurance company Insurance Company:- None
Insurance's Company Address:- None
Insurance Company Divisonal Office:- None
10) Number of Insurance policy/Insurance certificate and the Date of validity of the insurance Policy/Insurance certificate Insurance Policy No:- None
11) Action taken, if any and the result thereof FIR Report
MHC/ 95 Patil Mo. No. 7030769725
Inspector of Police
Dadar Coastal Police Station
N. B. - This form should accompany with all the necessary document viz. (1) I.R. (2) Panchanama (3) Medical certificate /Post Motern Report